Fruit & Nut Crunch Bar

Fruit & Nut Crunch Bar
Fruit & Nut Crunch Bar
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The satisfying crunch-and-munch of trail mix.

Servings per Box: 7 Price: $16.95

Take five - Medifast Crunch Bars, that is! You can enjoy up to five of these tasty Medifast Meals each day on the 5 & 1 Plan! Medifast Crunch Bars feature a great crunchy taste and a formula that's lower in calories, total fat, and carbohydrates than Medifast Maintenance Bars. That means they're completely interchangeable with other Medifast Meals.

Keep some in your purse, desk, and car, and enjoy a delicious, satisfying emergency Meal whenever you're on the go, stuck at work, or in traffic.

Kosher Dairy, Caffeine Free, Heart Healthy, Vegetarian

Soy protein isolate, peanuts, chicory fiber, brown rice syrup, maltitol syrup, vitamins and minerals (encapsulated potassium phosphate (potassium phosphate), calcium carbonate, potassium lactate, calcium phosphate, magnesium oxide, ascorbic acid, ferric orthophosphate, vitamin E acetate, niacinamide, zinc oxide, manganese sulfate, calcium pantothenate, copper gluconate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, thiamin mononitrate, vitamin A palmitate, chromium polynicotinate, sodium molybdate, folic acid, biotin, sodium selenite, potassium iodide, vitamin K, cholecalciferol, cyanocobalamin), polydextrose, cranberries, raisins, rolled oats, milk protein isolate, almonds, sunflower oil with tocopherol, rice starch, glycerine, natural flavor, soy lecithin, salt, sugar, citric acid, sucralose, honey, modified potato starch, xanthan gum, vegetable oil (peanut, canola and/or soybean).

Contains: peanuts, tree nuts, milk and soy.

Manufactured in a facility that uses wheat.

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