Conversations With Yourself

What if you could talk to your leaner, healthier self?

Watch Kimberley, Joseph, and Tina talk to themselves before starting Medifast’s healthy weight-loss plan and again eight months later.

What will your story be?

Meet Kimberley

Now when I look in the mirror, it's who I always envisioned. For me, I feel like I did become myself."

Kimberley's Conversation

Kimberley's Journey

Meet Joseph

I'm a lot happier. I want to do things with my family now. I want to go out with my daughter, take her out playing—whatever she wants to do, I'm there now."

Joseph's Conversation

Joseph's Journey

Meet Tina

I bought a swimsuit this year. For the first time in eight years."

Tina's Conversation

Tina's Journey

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