Product & Plan FAQs

Flavor Infusers™

Are Flavor Infusers™ like Crystal Light®?
Flavor Infusers&trade are packaged in the same kind of individual serving package as Crystal Light® and the added benefits of metabolism boosters or antioxidants, depending on which type of Flavor Infuser&trade you choose.
Can I mix Flavor Infusers™ into my shakes and other meals instead of water?
You can, but they will have their own flavor so you have to make sure that the two flavors will mix to be a taste you enjoy. Flavor Infusers™ are designed to mix with water.
Is a Flavor Infuser™ considered a meal?
No, Flavor Infusers™ are not Medifast Meals. You can have up to five Flavor Infusers™ a day on the 5 & 1 Plan in addition to your five Medifast Meals. Each Flavor Infuser™ has only five calories and does not provide the same nutrition as a Medifast Meal (e.g., protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc). Once you reach the maintenance phase, you can have unlimited Flavor Infusers™ each day. (Essential1: Calorie Burn Flavor Infusers™ should be limited to three per day during all phases of the program.)
Do Flavor Infusers™ count as my water intake?
Yes, Flavor Infusers™ added to your water intake count toward your 64 ounces of water per day.