Product & Plan FAQs

Medifast Plans

Can I try Medifast for just a few days?

We recommend trying Medifast for a minimum of two weeks to allow time for your body to maximize its fat-burning potential. However, if you'd like to try Medifast for just a few days, there are some options:

  • Individual samples of Medifast Meals
  • Medifast 2-Week Variety Packages
Can I customize my Variety Package?

Our pre-packaged Variety Packages cannot be customized or changed. You can, however, design your own menu and only order the Medifast Meals you prefer. Costs may vary when designing your own menu (depending on which Medifast Meals you choose).

If you're ordering online, visit our "Shop" section to select the items you would like. If you need assistance, you can call Medifast Customer Care at (800) 209-0878. Our Customer Care Representatives can answer all of your questions and assist you with placing your first order.