Product & Plan FAQs

Starting Your Medifast Program

How do I get started on Medifast program?
You should consult with your physician or qualified medical practitioner prior to beginning (and throughout the course of) any weight-loss program. You'll want to order at least a 2-week supply (a 4-week supply is ideal) of Medifast Meals before you start, then continue ordering on a monthly basis. Schedule your re-orders at least one week in advance so you don't run out of Medifast Meals.
Can I do the program if I am a vegetarian?

Yes. There are numerous vegetarian-friendly options (without meat or meat- derivatives, but may contain egg or dairy) available within the Medifast Meal lineup. For specific information, refer to our complete list of Vegetarian Products (PDF). You can substitute Meatless Options (PDF)for the Lean portion of the Lean & Green Meal. Additional Meatless Options are available on our Lean Options List (PDF). Low- carbohydrates vegetables that you can use in your Lean & Green Meal can be referenced through our Green Options List (PDF.

Should I wait until the weekend or start during the week?
You can do either one, depending on what fits best for you. The first three days are critical to your success, so pick a start date that makes sense for your schedule. You might want to look for a time when you don't anticipate any family, work-related, or other social-type events that involve food, which may present additional obstacles or temptations.
What should I do when on vacation?

Medifast recommends planning ahead so you can continue your program while vacationing. If your meals aren't with you, you can't eat them! This may necessitate packing food items in your luggage or having them shipped to your destination. Pre- planning can help you continue to lose weight while you travel. Those who are able to plan and continue the program while traveling (or dining out) get the best results.

Traveling presents countless eating temptations, with the availability of foods that are not part of the Medifast Program. Always remember your end goals - a healthier weight and a healthier lifestyle. If you're unable to follow your current 5 & 1 Plan, you can try a 4 & 2 Plan (4 Medifast Meals plus 2 Lean & Green Meals). Remember to limit portion sizes in your Lean & Green Meals - and enjoy your travel!

I'm trying to quit smoking - could this affect my results with Medifast?
For general health, it is recommended that you stop smoking. Most people find it extremely difficult to successfully stop smoking and start a weight-loss diet at the same time. Once you are no longer smoking, a weight-loss program, like Medifast, is highly recommended.