Medifast Happy Afters 2013 Winner - Diana Alvarez

Diana Alvarez - Lost 61 lbs!

Former “queen of carbs” tosses her crown!

Clinical Lab Scientist  •  Conifer, CO  •  Age 39

Diana Alvarez - before Medifast

*Results vary. Typical weight loss on the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan® is 2-5 lbs per week for the first 2 weeks and 1-2 lbs per week thereafter.

  • Diana Alvarez
  • Diana Alvarez
  • Diana Alvarez
  • Diana Alvarez

Medifast Faves:

Calorie-burn Cappuccino »
Orange Blend Drink »
S’More Crunch Bar »

President of Her Fan Club:

Mini schnauzer Karli

Former Weaknesses:

Potatoes, Tex-Mex food, and microbrews

Biggest Bliss-out:

Running and white-water rafting in the great outdoors

Secret Weapon:

Planning ahead. “I don’t let myself get sidetracked and unprepared—that’s when I’m more likely to make an unhealthy choice.”

The facts matter

“Medifast is a good program based on real science. I was able to get information right up front, which gave me more faith in this program than any other. When I first ordered my Medifast, I regarded it as a tool. Now I see it was a change in thinking.”

Most diets don’t teach you anything. Medifast is different.”

The Plan with a plan

“Most diets don’t teach you anything. You don’t learn which foods are good for long-term health. Medifast and Dr. A’s book showed me that it was more than just controlling what I ate. Medifast HAS a plan for transition and maintenance, and that facilitated change for me.”

About her motto

“What I say to myself is I’m doing this. At first it was about my intention, my determination to get healthy once and for all. Then later the statement morphed, and came to be more like, Wow, look! It’s working! I was doing the Cherry Creek Sneak at the end of April, running hard and starting to feel like I was losing steam. I looked at the ground and said I’m doing this! and finished with my best time—better than eight years earlier.”