Medifast Happy Afters 2013 Winner - Donna Berry

Donna Berry - Lost 35 lbs!*

Three years along and going strong!

Stay-at-home Mom  •  Owasso, OK  •  Age 49

Donna Berry - before Medifast

*Results vary. Typical weight loss on the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan® is 2-5 lbs per week for the first 2 weeks and 1-2 lbs per week thereafter.

  • Donna Berry
  • Donna Berry
  • Donna Berry
  • Donna Berry

Medifast Faves:

Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal »
Chicken Flavored Noodle Soup »
Chocolate Pudding »

High Maintenance:

Donna’s healthy new lifestyle is helping her go the distance.

Best Cheerleader:

Her husband

New Superpower:

Confidently ordering exactly what she wants—and exactly how she wants it prepared—when she goes to a restaurant.

Loves to Wear:

Sleeveless tops, fewer layers, cool maxi dresses that emphasize her waist

What she did on her summer vacation

Donna went on a fishing expedition at a private outpost in Ontario where she, her husband, and two other couples reeled in small-mouth bass and pike and even tussled with a muskellunge. She reports that the rustic accommodations took some getting used to, but that enjoying fresh catch-of-the-day grilled right at the shoreline made it all worthwhile.

Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.”

Actions more than words

“When I decided to lose weight, I kept it private and didn’t talk about it much. My husband and son were the only ones I told. My son was at college during those four months. He knew what was going on and he was impressed and proud of me. I hope my success inspires him to take good care of himself, because it can get harder as you get older.”

Putting your health first

“I’ve attended conventions for professional women where I noticed that women who weren’t overweight were the exception rather than the rule. And these were very successful women—executives at the top of their game, taking care of their bosses, colleagues, and even their cars better than themselves. For me, taking charge of my health is a matter of personal responsibility.”