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Walk-in weight loss

When you walk in to one of our Weight Loss Centers, you'll know you've come to the right place. Get ready to achieve long-lasting weight loss and better health through clinically proven nutrition and knowledgeable support.

Professional weight-loss counseling

Our Medifast Weight-Loss Counselors are certified with a comprehensive two-week course that covers our program and protocols as well as nutrition, exercise, healthy eating habits, and effective counseling skills. At each appointment, your Weight-Loss Counselor will check your weight and measurements and go over your workbook with you.

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Face-to-face support

You'll get individualized attention and help with personal meal plans as well as strategies and tips for handling weight-loss plateaus, navigating restaurants, getting exercise, and so much more. And it doesn't stop when you reach your goal. Even after weight loss, just make an appointment for a free visit your Medifast Weight Control Center at your convenience.

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Plan for your healthy future

During your first appointment, well help you set your goals and create a strategy for success. Together, you and your Medifast Weight-Loss Counselor will develop a plan that's right for you. One that meets your individual nutritional needs and your support preferences.

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