Amy Wheeler

Amy lost 98 lbs*!

I had some disastrous weight-loss experiences prior to Medifast.

Weight didn't become an issue for me until my early 20s. But when I did become obese, I knew I was a ticking time bomb who could be slammed with a diabetes diagnosis any minute. I have a horrible family health history due to obesity-related illnesses.

I would step on the scale at my doctor's office facing backward, because it was just too humiliating to see my weight skyrocket. I tried a number of weight-loss plans, but never learned the concepts I needed to keep the weight off and stay healthy. I had some disastrous weight-loss experiences prior to Medifast - all because I wanted to be skinny.

I heard about Medifast on the radio, and made an appointment at my local Medifast Weight Control Center that day. They saved my life! My husband told me I was beautiful every day, but now he tells me he has his wife back. He is so happy with the confidence and happiness I have found. I'm especially grateful to him for his encouragement and love, and for always having a lean & green meal waiting for me when I got home from work.

My life is completely different now. There is a whole world of activity that I'm no longer afraid to try. I no longer dread a camping trip with my family or a night out with the girls. I'm more respected at my job. I am now confident in my body, mind, and spirit.