Blaine Schumacher

Blaine lost 43 lbs*!

Now I can walk around in a bathing suit and feel great!

My motivation for losing weight was to not be the "fat friend" any more. Being overweight all my life affected me in so many ways, some of which I didn't even realize until after I had lost the extra pounds. I was always very insecure. No one knew it, but I knew I wasn't as outgoing as I could be.

I tried every diet known to man. My mom put me on my first diet when I was 12 years old. Nothing worked long term for me because it wasn't easy or convenient like the Medifast Meals.

My husband and I decided to lose weight for our family and learned about Medifast through his parents. We've successfully kept a combined 98 pounds off* for years now, and we have never looked back! My family and friends all wanted to know what we were doing to lose weight. I wanted to share my success, I decided to become a Take Shape For Life Health Coach and help others reach their health goals. I was able to get a lot of our loved ones on the same healthy path using the Habits of Health and the wonderful Medifast Meals.

I confidently walk around at the pool in a bathing suit without hiding or feeling uncomfortable. I move around more freely and without feeling tired all the time. I just feel great!

I am so much more comfortable with myself - personally, socially, and professionally. My relationships have all changed so much - for the better.