Chris Mirabile

Chris lost 92 lbs*!

After Medifast, I can live my life free from the burden of obesity.

Obesity affected every aspect of my life. I avoided social situations because of my weight and I didn't want to see old friends for fear that they'd judge me for my size. I wanted a better career but didn't have the self-confidence to apply. I suffered from sleep apnea, asthma, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and severe acid reflux disease. I also had to have three discs removed in my cervical spine. The doctors suspected that my excess weight put pressure on my spinal column.

I was the queen of diets, but I could never keep the weight off because I hadn't learned new eating habits. One day, I saw an ad for Medifast while researching lap band surgery. I knew that if I could commit to Medifast, it would work for me. I was right! I lost seven pounds quickly.

I am maintaining my 92 pound weight loss by continuing to eat six small meals and still have two or three Medifast Meals each day. You learn how to manage your weight for life with Medifast; this is not a temporary fix.

Since I've lost weight, my doctor has been able to reduce some of my weight related medications. My doctor was so impressed by my success that he now recommends Medifast to other patients.

Every single aspect of my life changed for the better. I became a whole new person, one packet at a time. I am finally free to be the person I want to be, instead of living trapped inside a body that was too old before its time.