Christine Kirkpatrick

Christine lost 55 lbs*!

Medifast was so easy, even with my crazy schedule.

At 190 lbs I was tired of being tired. I was young but felt old and I wasn't comfortable in my own skin. I ate to feel happy but it only lasted five minutes, and then I was even sadder. I isolated myself and didn't date for three years - when people asked me out, I didn't believe they were serious. I thought I wasn't good enough.

I tried every diet out there. I would lose weight, gain it all back, and then some. I had never learned the right way to eat. I heard about Medifast from one of the girls I mentor. She and her mom both lost 30 pounds* and seeing their results gave me hope.

I was also getting very frustrated with my celiac disease symptoms and my doctor thought that I might feel better if I lost weight. I was so excited to see that there were so many gluten-free Medifast Meals! I never felt deprived because I had gluten-free options.

Medifast was so easy, even with my crazy schedule. And I saw results right away - by day three, I felt amazing. I lost five lbs* the first week!

People still comment on how good I look, and my relationships are so much better. I have more energy and sleep through the night. I am training for my 14th marathon, and it is totally different now with a healthier body. I am so grateful.

I feel like I am glowing. I have a boyfriend who is amazing, and I never thought I would date again. I'm no longer worried that people are looking at my fat.

Medifast is the best thing that ever happened to me! It gave me the life I always wanted, and the confidence I needed to be myself.