Danny Ninkovic

Danny lost 132 lbs*!

One of my close friends was...using Medifast and told me it was working for him, so I decided to give it one last try. If I didn't try it at that moment, I would be 400 lbs right now.

Nobody really believes me, and people actually think I had lipo or other medical stuff done to me.

From being someone to pick on and laugh at, I have changed into someone other people look to for inspiration and advice. I have people I've never heard of calling me asking me how I did it.

[At the time I began the program,] I was a truck driver. Two out of three people in the trucking industry are overweight, so I kind of fit in, looks-wise. I was tired most of the time and had trouble getting in and out of the truck to fuel it - it was a hard battle trying to support 300 lbs.

As for a social life - well, I didn't have one. My only friends were the ones I played Xbox with. I had people ask me to go out for drinks or movies, but that was a joke, because I didn't want people laughing at me while I was out. So for a very long time, I never went to a club or bar.

I tried other diets and failed. Green Tea pills were supposed to make me lose weight, so I started taking those and not really exercising, and of course I depressed myself even more.

[On Medifast,] I noticed results about three weeks from the start of my program. As a result of my weight loss, my blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar have all improved.

I was finally able to find a date [with the girl of my choosing]...which was just a fairy tale for me before I lost the weight. It feels great when people ask me to go play sports with them, or go out with friends, because I was restricted from all of those activities before. Medifast has changed every aspect of my life completely!