Jeff Heck

I was always athletic as a kid, but because of high-fat, home-cooked meals and junk food I was also always overweight.

When my wife decided to try the Medifast plan, I wanted to support her and I signed on too.

Medifast was great during a busy workday as well as business travel.

Not only did I lose 94 pounds on the Medifast plan, going from a 44 waist to a 32, but I learned how to eat to sustain my weight loss.

I used to only eat twice a day, lunch and dinner, but now I eat 6 small, balanced meals each day. I have gained amazing self-confidence since losing with the Medifast plan.

I am much more outgoing and I'm even coaching my son's Little League team, which, before, would have been too much in the spotlight for me!

My wife and I are so excited about our new lifestyle; we are making date-night a bigger priority now!

*Results vary. Typical weight loss on the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan® is 2-5 lbs per week for the first 2 weeks and 1-2 lbs per week thereafter.