Jennifer Devlin

Jennifer lost 65 lbs*!

I went from a person who never ran to a 5K runner!

Being overweight impacted every area of my life. I had lower back pain and two back surgeries for ruptured disks. I was seeing a specialist for the onset of arthritis and joint problems, and also suffered from hypothyroidism.

Weight loss has always been a struggle for me because I always disconnected the issue from the triggers happening in my life. I tried many other plans and had short-term success, but my habits never changed. I chose Medifast knowing that my motivations, mindset, and outlook also had to change. Medifast made my progress much easier. The structured plan broke my addiction to food through simple choices.

One of my family members was encouraged to start the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan after she saw my 65 pound* weight loss. She's lost over 20 pounds!* My relationship with my husband is better now that my emotional battle with food is no longer a barrier in our relationship. I am experiencing a freedom that is helping me deal with people and life in general.

I enjoy the taste of food now. I have definite preferences instead of simply eating through the numbness. After my success with a 5K run, I'm planning to run a 10K and hopefully a half-marathon in the future!