Jennifer Nawracaj

Jennifer has lost over 100 pounds with Medifast!

My Medifast Journey began in January 2005. I was having some health problems. That's when I decided to research the Medifast program. The website was very informative. I decided to give this a shot and I ordered my first 2 weeks. I was on my way! At this time my weight was around 250 lbs.

The first 3 weeks on the program was like a detox from food. What I liked the most about Medifast was the fact that it was rather restrictive. There was no option for me to cheat. I had to put forth 100% effort if I was really going to succeed this time. I once had a personal trainer tell me that losing weight was 100% mental. The physical part was just a result. I could not believe her statement, until now.

I was forced to deal with a lot of emotional issues that I have always pacified, whether it was with food, shopping, or another destructive habit. I've learned a lot about myself during this journey.

Over the next 5 months, I became so comfortable with the program. There was no stress about what I was going to eat, or what special groceries I had to buy. Everything was right in front of me, delivered to my door every two weeks!

A few interesting things have happened to me during this weight loss journey. I was writing back & forth with some of the other Medifast users from the discussion board. I had several women write to me and tell me that I was their inspiration. Me? How could I be someone's inspiration? That gave me so much hope and encouragement to keep going on this journey. I continued to write and spread my encouraging words. For the first time in over 10 years, I actually felt good about myself.

Another interesting thing was that I still saw myself as 250 lbs., although I was now under 200 lbs. I went to a close friend's baby shower and we took a group pictures, as we do at every event. The only difference this time was that I didn't hide in the back behind someone. When the picture came back, I had to do a double take. I was always the "fat friend." Looking at this picture, I actually looked "normal." I didn't look like the fat girl anymore. That's when my mind slowly started to catch up with the rest of me. The same thing happened with the pictures from vacation. I couldn't believe I was wearing a skirt! I haven't worn a skirt in nearly 15 years. And, I didn't look half bad in it.

What kept me going was setting small goals for myself. My first goal was to buy a smaller size jean. I was wearing a 20-22 when I began. I bought a size 16 jeans. My second goal was to get below 200 lbs. I weighed myself at the gym and saw the scale at 198. I was ecstatic. I haven't been below 200 lbs. in over 12 years.

I am now right around 180 lbs. and a size 14. I am continuing the Medifast program, but I am incorporating more food into it. I have significantly increased my exercise and weight lifting, so I had to add more calories. I am making healthy choices like chicken, salad, sweet potatoes, apples, etc.

I have tried nearly every diet under the sun during the last 10 years of being trapped in this 250-pound body. I am down over 100 lbs. from my heaviest weight of 292. Medifast, along with a strong willpower, has helped me succeed for the last time. I made a promise to myself. I will never, ever let the scale go above 200. There is no reward like being able to shop at a regular store. There are so many stores to choose from! I feel so much better about myself. I have even started running. I never imagined that would be something I could do. Since I have been on this diet, two friends have seen my success and started the program, too. Another co-worker called me and "heard about how great I looked" and asked me for the Medifast information. Not only does the program work, I have become a walking billboard!

I call my weight loss a "journey" because that's what it is, one step at a time. There is always going to be temptation to get off the path, or take a short cut, but I know the road now like the back of my hand. I will continue on my journey for another 30-pound weight loss, one step at a time.

*Results vary. Typical weight loss on the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan® is 2-5 lbs per week for the first 2 weeks and 1-2 lbs per week thereafter.