Jessica Westmoreland

Jessica lost 85 lbs*!

I am happier, more confident, and - for once - feel deserving of love and friendship.

When I was 218 pounds, I ached all over. I had difficulty breathing and was too bulky to do any of the activities that I wanted to enjoy - like mountain biking and yoga. I dreaded going out in public and covered up my entire body with oversized clothing, even though my obesity was very obvious.

After my doctor suggested that I seriously consider losing weight, I searched online and found only positive reviews of Medifast. The Medifast 5 & 1 Plan offered me quick, healthy, long-term results with tasty food and an easy-to-follow plan. I saw drastic results in the first 10 days! Others began to comment on my weight loss as well.

At 133 pounds, I feel better and I can touch my toes during yoga!

My mental health and confidence has drastically improved. When I was overweight, I hid in my cubicle at my law firm. Now I've started my own law practice! My first marriage ended because of my weight, but I am now marrying a man who loves me regardless of my size!