Kelsey Nelson

Kelsey lost 80 lbs*!

"My only regret is that I didn't find Medifast sooner. I am so glad that I found it in my 20s, though - because I feel like I have the rest of my life to be healthy and happy!"

I think my breaking point was when I was 22 years old. I was out of breath from walking up the stairs, my knees hurt constantly, and I was barely squeezing into a size 17-18 jeans. I was even asked when I was due once, and I have never been pregnant.

I was miserable and it showed. I saw the pictures from being a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding and couldn't believe what I saw - someone who was visibly unhappy and unhealthy. When I had a physical for a job, I was told I had borderline high blood pressure, which really scared me. Then, I found Medifast and started two days after my 22nd birthday.

I've tried countless diets but none of them ever worked in the long run. I lost weight, but it would be very short lived and unhealthy! None of them were balanced like Medifast.

I went for a check-up a few months ago and the physician was completely shocked at how much I lost! Instead of going shopping and wanting to cry because nothing in the fashionable stores fit, now everything fits - which is dangerous for my bank account!

I love Medifast because it is so simple! I am a full-time student and have a job, so I am always on the run. I don't have to obsess about food any longer. I can just eat 5 Medifast Meals and plan my Lean & Green™ Meal, and I know the weight will come off! I am able to focus on everything else in life, rather than what I will eat for the day. I have never found a more easy and delicious diet than Medifast!