Kristen Sheridan

Kristen lost 55 lbs*!

I saw results the first day. It was incredible.

I have always been what I considered on "the edge of pretty." In my head I was slim, but whenever I looked in the mirror, I was disappointed - which led to a lot of sadness and anger.

In February 2010, I weighed 200 lbs. I saw a picture of myself that someone uploaded onto Facebook and was so disgusted that I "untagged" myself. I decided to count calories and cut back, writing down everything that I put in my mouth. I lost 20 lbs in five months, but then lost nothing for another six months. By the end of December, I had gained 14 of those lbs back.

We were going on our first big trip to Disney World in January, and I wanted to be able to look at those pictures and not be upset. I was on a mission to get as healthy as possible in three weeks.

I chose Medifast after doing a lot of research online about diets that don't cost too much and deliver fast results. By the time my vacation rolled around, I I not only looked great, but felt great, for my pictures. I was so proud of myself!

I am able to work out better and harder. I had been running and working out a lot, but now I am able to run farther and longer, and lift more weights. I also feel more confident going to the gym. I had a lot of muscular issues, soreness in my shoulders, etc. - they are a problem much less often.

It's actually overwhelming at times, because I've had to learn how to accept such wonderful compliments. When I see friends or colleagues who I haven't seen in a while, they usually don't recognize me for a minute!

I am happy with myself for the first time in my adult life. I am so proud of my accomplishment!