Mary Reichenbach

Mary lost 54 lbs*!

I cannot get enough of the "you look great" comments. Eight of my friends have joined Medifast just based on my results!

I wanted to feel good about myself, be healthier, enjoy activities with my family, and be able to wear clothes that I loved, but never felt that I could.

Before Medifast, I avoided social situations with friends that would take us out in public because I always felt like the fat girl among all my thin and beautiful friends. I remember huffing and puffing just going up a couple of flights of stairs, and I knew I had to change drastically because I was getting scared.

I asked a friend how he had lost weight, and he just said "Medifast," which I had never heard of. So I immediately went online and ordered two weeks (of the Meals) to see if I could stick to it.

I knew within three days that I would stick with this and that it would change my life. I lost 4 lbs the first week! I loved knowing that it was doctor-recommended.

My blood pressure is down. I sleep well, and my energy level is increased. I [ran] my first 5K with my sons at their college at the end of April, [2012]. My husband and college aged kids are so proud of me. I truly believe Medifast helped me touch the lives of others and that is such an incredible feeling.