Monique Keith

Monique lost 60 lbs*!

When I kept losing weight, it motivated me to keep going!

I saw a picture of myself and I thought that I looked huge and horrible. Enough was enough - I decided to take control of my life. My husband and kids deserve the best possible wife and mom, and when I was overweight, they were not getting that from me - I was tired all the time.

I figured as a mother of seven, approaching age 40, I was destined to be fat and tired for the rest of my life. At that point, I was a spectator in my own life - watching TV, watching my kids play, and watching my friends take weekend trips.

I saw an ad for Medifast online and decided to see if it would work for me. I loved Medifast because I knew exactly what to eat every day. It was easy and convenient. Plus, I could still be creative in the kitchen with my lean & green meal.

After the first three days on Medifast, my hunger was finally under control. After the first week, I quickly ordered the 4-week program because I knew I could stick with it. When I kept losing weight, it motivated me to keep going!

I am more active now and do lots more activities with my children. One of my favorite things to do is shop! It's such a great feeling walking into a regular store and knowing that almost anything I like will look good on me.

Now, I have so much more energy and enthusiasm for my life. I am taking exercise classes, playing with my kids, and watching a lot less TV. My husband tells me that I was always beautiful, but now I am "hot!" I feel very present in my life.