Natalie Walesa

Natalie lost 56 lbs*!

I'm free to be me!

My main motivation for losing weight came from being so upset with how I looked; I didn't even want to have pictures taken of me with my daughters.

I tried other diets, but they were too much work. Figuring out points didn't teach me anything, and other diets made me feel like I was cooking all the time. Two work colleagues were on Medifast and had fantastic success. Seeing their results inspired me.

Medifast was incredibly easy to follow. The Medifast Meals are tasty and quick, and they travel well, too. I had my meals at work, and then made my lean & green meal at dinner for me and my family. I lost 20 lbs* on the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan, and that's when people started to notice. Since losing weight, my cholesterol has dropped. I am more active in my kids' activities and enjoy helping out and volunteering. Dressing up to go out is so much fun! I enjoy shopping again because I look good in clothes. It feels great - I am so much happier!

I don't think about my weight any more. The stress and burden of being a "fat wife" or "the heavy one" is gone. I'm free to be me. I enjoy my kids and my husband so much more now because I have confidence and happiness.

I realized how far I had come when we took a family photo while on vacation. I realized that I no longer focused on my weight in the picture, but rather at our whole family. It brought me to tears. I can't thank Medifast enough.