Robin Boyd

Robin lost 96 lbs*!

I had never experienced this kind of weight-loss on any other program. I was all in from the first weigh day.

I chose Medifast because it was simple and easy. I had a Health Coach to keep me on the straight and narrow until I could be more independent to do it myself. Yes, I had tried many other diets. But after having my son, those diets weren't an option. Some were extremely unhealthy and others kept me hungry and with a headache. When I lost weight, I looked frail, like I was losing muscle instead of just fat.

[Before I went on Medifast] I didn't have the energy, stamina, or flexibility to run after a 3-year-old. I was extremely depressed about the way I looked, and very disgusted that I had allowed myself to gain so much weight. I didn't have a social life. I didn't want to try new things.

This also affected time with my husband and family. It prevented us from doing many things we used to enjoy. I felt uncomfortable at my son's school functions. A young child's friends are made through their parents, and I was so uncomfortable in my own skin that I wasn't able to come out of my shell.

I figured if I could change just one thing - have control over one thing in my life -I would feel better.

Well, I am no longer the "old, fat" mom. I am able to keep up with the younger moms and my son. I can actually spend time running and playing t-ball with my son. Now that I have lost the weight, my blood pressure and cholesterol numbers have dropped significantly.

People I haven't seen in a while are amazed at my transformation, and those who I am just meeting can?t believe I was 95 lbs heavier. It feels wonderful to hear the constant compliments.