Sallie Reissman

Sallie lost 50 lbs*!

"Medifast made losing weight easy. I'm continuing to lose and have a new lease on life."

I finally got on a scale just before New Year's 2012, and I cried when it registered just how much weight I had gained. I was in denial. I thought, I will be fifty years old and want to enjoy the second half of my life with confidence and energy. My husband is very active, and I wanted to enjoy the adventure we plan for our future.

I love dressing up and I was avoiding parties because I didn't feel good about myself. I'd cut the size label out of my clothes so I wouldn't be reminded that I had gained so much weight. My confidence level was shrinking and it affected my relationships.

Until I found Medifast, I knew little about nutrition. Over the past 25 years, I've tried numerous diets - they were all short-lived and I never reached my goal weight. Then, my girlfriend posted her progress (while on Medifast) on Facebook. She lost 45 lbs* and raved about how easy it was to follow. I immediately went online to learn more.

The results are fast! I felt so much better and less bloated after the first week. I then found a Medifast Weight Control Center and joined for a year. My Medifast counselor is encouraging, educated, and kind. I feel so lucky to have this support group to cheer me on during my weight loss and transition.

My husband wants to thank Medifast for helping me lose weight, as I used to snore so loudly - now we are all getting a good night's sleep. I have enough energy for yoga, zumba, volleyball, and weight training. Compliments from friends and family are endless and it feels fantastic!

But the most joy comes when my husband gives me a hug and I fit into his embrace. The best improvement is the confidence and pride I feel for accomplishing my goal.