Scott Eyler

Scott lost 60 lbs*!

I saw results within the first week. My energy level soared. After that, I continued to lose every week until I hit my goal!

I wanted to lose weight to feel and look better. The worst feeling is trying to tie your shoes each morning and your belly is in the way! My clothes were getting tighter and tighter, and even though I wanted to blame the washer and dryer, I knew that wasn't the reason.

Being overweight, I was sluggish and felt tired during the day. At night, I would fall asleep on my couch as soon as I sat down. I ended up going to bed earlier and had a hard time getting up in the morning. I just did not have the motivation to get things done.

I had tried dieting on my own. I now realize that I was not eating the right mix of nutrients and was putting my body in starvation mode.

My wife had started on the program and was having great success. I checked out reviews and was motivated by all of the Medifast success stories. I wanted to be the next one!

The program is extremely easy to follow! I can pick a day's worth of meals to take to work in a minute. I am so happy I chose this Program - I love it!

I had recently been to the doctor after experiencing excruciating hip pain. My options were physical therapy first, and then surgery. As I was losing weight, I was feeling less pain. The doctor told me that the weight loss was a big contributor, as each 10 lbs of body weight added an additional 30 lbs of pressure to my hip.

I feel so much better about myself! I feel reborn, wonderful, exhilarated! I have so much more energy and have the motivation to do things at any time of the day. I even feel more organized and productive. And I have a new wardrobe of clothes that had just been hanging out in my closet!