Tyler Synan

Tyler lost 165 lbs*!

What did I gain using Medifast? Everything!

I was at the end of my rope. I weighed 312-plus pounds. It was time to make a change. I had been overweight all of my life and it was killing my will to live.

Being overweight kept me from having a normal social life. It was nearly impossible to work up the courage to have a relationship. I was also limited to certain jobs that didn't require me to be on my feet for long periods of time.

I saw a Medifast commercial, spoke to representatives several times - and thought I didn't have anything to lose by giving it a try.

I saw results within the first week. My family can't believe that I actually found a diet plan that worked, and that I could stick with! My mother cried the first time she could hug me and actually fit her arms all the way around my body.

What did I gain using Medifast? Everything! Due to my weight loss, I can walk, run, bike, skateboard, hike, and swim. I have more stamina and I am more assertive. My relationships have improved for the better. Now I can go out with confidence and not hesitate to do what I need to do!