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Real Stories. Real Success.

*Average weight loss for Medifast Direct customers using Medifast Go is 11 pounds. Medifast Direct customers using Medifast Go are in weight loss, on average, for 8 weeks

A New Look, A New Outlook On Life

Hannah   •  Lost 52 lbs*

Real Estate Agent    Woodstock, GA

Hannah was a Medifast Direct customer.

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Favorite Medifast Products

Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Cereal
Dutch Chocolate Shake

Favorite Medifast Meal Makeover

Adding ice and water to the Dutch Chocolate Shake and put it in the blender.

Favorite Lean and Green

Spaghetti Squash with Grilled Chicken.

Favorite Quote

30 days from now you are either going to be blown away by how much you've improved in how you look, feel and perform. Or you're going to regret not having done your best. The choice is yours!

Proudest Moment

I had saved a pair of jeans from high school and I always told myself I would fit into them again one day- the day I was able to put those on and comfortably zip them up was UNREAL!

Losing Weight Feels Good

“I tried apps, food trends, cleanses, other weight-loss programs, you name it. Then one day my aunt told me about Medifast and how it helped her lose weight and learn how to keep it off. Medifast is wonderful because it truly is easy. I was smiling a little brighter and walking with a little more bounce in my step.”

Life’s too short to be tied down by your own body.”

In Control and Liking It

“My whole outlook is different. I had spent so much time crying and being depressed and hating myself for the way I looked. I was always hiding, selling myself short, telling myself I couldn’t do something before I even tried. But now I am proud of me! Now I know that I am in control and that anything is possible! I feel like nothing is too far from my reach.”

Over-the-moon Happy

“My love life is better. My social life is better. Even work is better. Friends and co-workers are over-the-moon happy about the way I look and act. I used to dread going to family outings and social events. Now I can’t wait! Life’s too short to be tied down by your own body.”