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Product & Plan FAQs

On the Program

Why did the scale go up?

The amount of weight you lose will fluctuate from week to week. Several situations may change the number on the scale, including the time of day you weigh yourself, your menstrual cycle, not drinking enough water, adding a new medication whether or not you recently eliminated, exercise habits, gaining muscle through exercise, or how closely you are following your Medifast Plan. Don't panic if the scale doesn't move for several days - or even goes up slightly. If you stay consistent on your program (and consume all of your meals), the scale should eventually show results. Try to weigh yourself only once a week, at the same time each week (the ideal time being immediately after you wake up). Look for other measures of success rather than just your weight on the scale, such as lost inches and looser fitting clothing.

What can I do about a weight-loss plateau?

From time to time, you may experience a weight-loss plateau. Typically, a weight-loss plateau is defined as two or more weeks with no weight loss at all. Rates of weight loss can vary from one week to another, and slower weight loss should not be seen as the Medifast Weight Loss Plan "not working."

If you experience a weight-loss plateau, look for other indications of progress such as wearing a smaller size of clothing. Weight loss should resume if you continue to follow the program. You can contact our Nutrition Support team if you need assistance. For information on slower weight loss, please refer to our Plateau Tips (PDF).

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