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Given the successful performance of a Coach-driven health and wellness approach, we have made the decision to phase out Medifast and continue to support you through our holistic health and wellbeing brand, OPTAVIA®.

During our nearly 40 years as a health and wellness company, we’ve found that people are more successful on their weight loss journey when they incorporate healthy habits into their lifestyle and have a support system. Clinical research* has shown that meaningful weight loss is best achieved when a person is supported by an Independent OPTAVIA Coach, rather than dieting alone.

Thank you for being a loyal Medifast customer and allowing us to be a part of your weight loss journey. To date, OPTAVIA has impacted nearly two million lives, which is why we’re excited to share all the benefits of joining! With a modest increase in cost, OPTAVIA offers a variety of benefits not available through Medifast.

With OPTAVIA, you’ll have access to the following:

  • Clinically proven plans and scientifically developed products, similar to the Medifast Meals you’ve come to love. OPTAVIA's products, called Fuelings, are formulated with 24 vitamins and minerals; high-quality, complete protein; contains probiotic cultures, no colors, flavors, or sweeteners from artificial sources. Plus, just like Medifast, each Fueling is nutritionally equivalent and portion-controlled.
  • The customized support of a personal independent OPTAVIA Coach at no cost. This Coach will offer guidance and help you stay motivated to achieve your health and wellness goals.
  • A proprietary system designed to help people create heathy habits. This system, called the Habits of Health, teaches people how to improve their wellbeing through small, simple behavior changes.
  • In addition to a Coach, you will also be a part of an energized Community of warm, like-hearted people who support each other.

We know that change can be challenging, but we hope you’ll love everything OPTAVIA has to offer. We’ve worked hard to make it easy for you to continue your wellness journey.

To get started with OPTAVIA, visit OPTAVIA.com and sign in using your existing Medifast credentials.

We look forward to supporting you on your wellness journey through OPTAVIA. If you have any additional questions please visit our FAQs page.

- The Medifast Team
Customer Support: 1-800-209-0878

*Arterburn, L.M., et al., Randomized controlled trial assessing two commercial weight loss programs in adults with overweight or obesity. Obes Sci Pract, 2019. 5(1): p. 3-14. See https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6381299/pdf/OSP4-5-3.pdf